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keysWhen it comes to selling your home, selling fast is a dream come true for most people. But things don’t always go to plan when using conventional methods and your property can be advertised with agencies for months before any serious interest is generated. With that in mind, and technology right at forefront of our everyday lives, using other methods to advertise is becoming an increasingly easy thing to do, and if you’re willing to take on some of the admin work yourself and don’t mind arranging viewings, it can have a real impact.

Here we’re going to take a look at some of the alternative advertising methods available and how they can benefit you and the property you’re hoping to sell.

Social Media

It’s said that around 85% of those looking to buy a house will start their search online without having contacted an estate agent at all. Using social media platforms such as Facebook and Twitter to sell your home, can be an invaluable tool if utilised correctly. Using creative methods to gain interest such as blog posts and referral bonuses can be cheaper than the overall cost of using an agency.


A great tool for short, sharp and straight to the point snippets of information, but can you really sell your house in 140 characters? The answer is yes, but there does need to be a little bit of leg work first. A simple blog page for the property which includes useful information such as floor plans, dimensions and quality images will provide you with a base for your advert. This can then be shared with your followers, providing an incentive such as a referral bonus for them to share your post will also boost visibility and ultimately reach more members.


Much like Twitter, Facebook gives you the ability to share publicly and has the potential to spread around the country and even the world if readers are inspired to share. Unlike Twitter, no blog page is needed as Facebook allows you to be far more comprehensive in your post. Facebook also allows easier and instant interaction with any potential buyers.

With both methods, always try to avoid over promotion, this could lead to people ignoring your post or you could see people unfollow you, which you certainly don’t want to happen. Posts about your house should be interspersed with general posts and you should also continue to interact with your followers as before.

Auction and Selling Websites

Auction sites such as Ebay are a great alternative to traditional estate agencies, they give you full control over your advert, how much and how long you advertise for and you will also know upfront how much it will cost (excluding any legal fees). This will be significantly cheaper than selling through an agency. Ebay also offers you the flexibility to advertise at a set price or on a bid basis, which reduces the time you would spend using a go between.

Another great alternative is Gumtree, a completely free selling site that has a high volume of traffic nationally. Making your advert accessible to anyone interested in a private sale.

The only difficulty when selling your house privately via selling sites such as Ebay and Gumtree is that you will need to make all of the arrangements for viewings yourself. Spare time is a must. You may also be required to answer all of the questions regarding the house sale, which may not be quite as easy as you assume so research and build your knowledge base, don’t be afraid to seek advice. In addition to this, an estate agent would vet any potential buyers, ensuring they’re in a position to buy and will make sure all of the legal aspect of selling a house are in place.

In Conclusion…

Selling your house privately can be a huge cost saving exercise. Using an estate agent can cost anywhere between 0.75% and 3.5% of the sale price of your house which can be a significant sum, there are however services and expertise that come with this fee to consider.

The key to successful private selling is research, knowledge, creativity and time. If you’re armed with these, there’s absolutely nothing stopping you.

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