0115 822 9429

0115 822 9429

We understand that selling your house (under any circumstance) can be stressful. Undoubtably, you will have questions about the process. The most common questions we receive are answered below. If you still have questions, request a call back and we can answer any queries you may have.

How much will this cost me?

The idea is that dealing with us will save you the cost of agent’s and solicitor’s fees.

Who will get to know about the sale of my house?

We offer a confidential service that means that no boards or overt local advertising will take place. Only the people dealing directly with your house eg. solicitor and surveyor will know that a sale is taking place.

Does it matter that I am in arrears with my mortgage and about to be repossessed?

No, we can talk to your mortgage lender on your behalf. It may not be too late to stop repossession even if a court hearing has already taken place.

Will I get a fair price for my property?

We will offer what is fair for the property considering various factors, including, its condition, location, current state of the market etc.

How long does the process take?

Principal Homebuyers can work within a timescale to suit you.

I have been told that my property is un-mortgageable. Can you still help?

In many cases we are still able to help.

My house is an unusual design. Can you buy it?

Dependent upon the particular design, we may be able to. It is always worth a chat to establish this.

I live in an Ex-Council house. Can you buy that?

Yes, we can buy ex-council houses.

What types of properties do you buy?

In most cases we can buy your house. We can also buy commercial property and land.

How is your valuation calculated?

We use existing data of comparable property that has sold to calculate the value of your property.

Where do you buy property?

We can buy property throughout the whole of the UK.