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We Consider All Properties

Andy Churchill and the rest of the team at Principal Homebuyers have more than 20 years of experience in the property sector, and will put that experience to use helping homeowners who need a fast, smooth and inexpensive house sale. We handle the legal side of things so you don’t have to, and will pay those fees, making the sale process more affordable for you.

We will consider any property, even ones with an unusual design, and former council houses. Whether you own the home, or still have a mortgage, we will work with you to ensure that you get a good deal. We work with people who are dealing with:

How it Works

When you first contact us, we will discuss the value of your property and give you an indicative offer based on the value you think your home has. We will then do our own desktop research, and give you a revised offer. If, after getting that offer, you want to progress the deal, we will arrange for a RICS surveyor to come out, and we will do due diligence on the property. Once that work has been completed, we will make a final offer.

You are under no obligation to accept that offer, and there are no fees for this service. If you  used your own solicitors, we will make a contribution to the costs. If we use ours, then you do not have to pay. The transaction will be completed confidentially. There will be no overt advertisements, and no ‘for sale’ signs outside your home. If you wish to remain in the home as a tenant, discuss that with us and we will work with you to arrange that.

Working to Your Schedule

If you need to move quickly because you are moving abroad, have just gotten divorced, have a new job, or are facing an inheritance tax bill, we can help. Tell us if there is a deadline by which time you would like to have completed the sale. The due diligence process will take time, but we will work as quickly as possible to accommodate your needs.

Moving home can be a stressful thing, but Principal Homebuyers aims to take as much of the stress as possible out of dealing with the property market. Sellers deal with us directly, rather than jumping between estate agents, solicitors and would-be buyers.

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