Has Your Home Sale Been Delayed Because of a Broken Property Chain?

A property chain refers to a line of buyers and sellers who are linked together, like a chain, because each is selling, or buying, a property from one of the others. Sometimes, unfortunately, the property chain can break. 

If the person who is supposed to be buying your house is unable to complete because they need to sell their house, and they have lost their buyer, this is referred to as broken chain. This phenomenon is depressingly common in the world of real estate. If a house buyer pulls out at the last minute it can delay the completion of the house sale for several people further along the chain.

Principal Homebuyers is Here to Help

The team at Principal Homebuyers are willing to consider direct offers on domestic properties, as well as some commercial properties and land. If a buyer has pulled out of a purchase and you’re relying on the house sale, do not hesitate to give us a call. We will look at your property, look at the price of other comparable properties, and make you a reasonable offer.

Principal Homebuyers is not an estate agent, rather we are a team of investment experts. Founder Andy Churchill is a Chartered Surveyor with 20 years of experience in the property sector, and thanks to that experience he is qualified to work with a huge range of different properties.

Former Council House Offers are Welcome

We are not an estate agent, so we are willing to look at any type of property. If your home has an unusual design, give us a chance to take a look at it. If your home is a former council house, we will still consider buying it – but be aware that depending on when you made the right to buy purchase, you may be required to pay back some money from the sale.

We are open to offers of properties up and down the UK. We base our valuations on similar properties in your area, and we will do our best to work within whatever timescale you ask. Even if you have been told that your property is un-mortgageable, it is possible that we can help you.

Whether you are looking to sell your house fast in order to downscale or upscale, are moving for work, or are trying to clear your mortgage after a chance in your financial circumstances, we are always happy to look at your property. If we can buy the property, we will make you an initial cash offer, and after a proper survey and some due diligence work we will make a formal offer. If you agree to go ahead, and the survey results and other checks are satisfactory, then we will complete the purchase, fixing completing the once broken property chain.

If you are under time pressure to complete your move, call us today so that we can start investigating your property. We handle the legal side of things for you, however, if you wish to use your own solicitor during the exchange and completion process we will make a contribution to your legal costs.

You have nothing to lose working with us, and are under no obligation to complete the sale. Give us a chance to complete your chain.

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