Tired of Troublesome Tenants? Sell Your Buy to Let Property to Release Equity

If you are tired of the stress of property management, maybe now is the time to cash in on the equity in your buy to let property. Being a private landlord can seem like an attractive proposition at first due to the rental income, but the reality of managing problem tenants and dealing with the changes in tax relief for landlords is not for everyone.

We Can Buy Your Property

If you want to get out of the property management business, why not sell your property to an investor? Principal Homebuyers founder Andy Churchill has a lot of experience of dealing with buy to let  and rental property, and can offer a full-service package. They will work with you and an investor, so you get a smooth sale, and they get a smooth exchange and completion. Everyone wins, and you will be free of the maintenance burden of your buy-to-let property.

We Will Consider Any Property

Even if you have tried dealing with other investors, or attempted to sell your property in the past and found that it was unappealing to investors because of the condition, area, or even an unusual design, give us a call. We will look at any property, and do our best to make you a fair offer, and a prompt, hassle free transaction.

Escape the New Tax

Even if you have not had difficulties with problem tenants, you may want out of the buy-to-let industry due to changes in tax relief for landlords which was announced in July 2015. The new taxes, which will be phased in between 2017 and 2020, could signal the end of Buy-to-Let.

If you are a landlord who has a mortgage which costs more than 75% of your rental income, then you could end up making a loss because of the new taxes. Yes, tax rates of more than 100% are possible under the new system.

As the new taxes start to be phased in, we can expect to see a mass exodus of middle-income private landlords. Selling a buy-to-let property in those circumstances will be tricky. So, if you are thinking of selling your property and releasing the equity in it, now is a good time to do so. Act today to beat the rush of other landlords, who will be looking for a quick sale.

A Smooth and Simple Process

We will handle the sale process for you, so you won’t have to worry about dealing with agents or solicitors directly. We will value the property and make you an offer, and the whole process will be done with no for sale sign or overt advertisements. You can expect a quiet, smooth and simple sale of your property. All you need to worry about is the obligations you have to any existing tenants.

Call us today to speak to Andy and the rest of the team and find out what your options are. Don’t leave yourself stuck with difficult tenants and a rising tax bill from 2017.

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